Continued Care

Experience the peace of mind and explore a universe of advantages with ContinuedCare from London Riders Ltd.


Your Vehicle, Your Preference

The team at London Riders Ltd is here to safeguard you with our two distinct packages.


Remarkable Advantages From PCO insurance to PHV licensing, you receive so much more with Continued Care.

Zero Deposit & Interest Charges

Zero Deposit & Interest Charges Preserve a significant amount in upfront fees and interest payments with us.

How We Assist

At London Riders Ltd, we believe in the concept of family. Once you complete your Rent 2 Buy scheme, we can still assist you in keeping the wheels turning with our popular Continued Care scheme.

We present two options for you, based on the level of support you desire:

Basic Package

  • Starting at £49/pw* Fleet insurance
  • Full Package (Applicable for Hybrid & Electric PCO cars only)
  • Starting at £69/pw* Fleet insurance
  • MOT (2 x per year) PHV licence (1 x per year) Road tax (1 x year) Breakdown cover
  • Please note if you had an accident while renting from London Riders Ltd, the weekly price will adjust accordingly.
  • 1 Accident = £10 extra per week
  • 2 Accidents = £20 extra per week
  • Interested? Email today to get covered.

Eligibility to our Continued Care scheme is not guaranteed and is subject to an accident and payment history review. We reserve the right to refuse this service.

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