Dashcam Scheme
Safeguarding Your Income

At London Riders, we understand the importance of protecting your livelihood as a PCO driver. That’s why we introduce our Dashcam Scheme—a powerful tool designed to enhance safety, security, and peace of mind.


High-Quality Cameras for Enhanced Security

At London Riders, our advanced dashcams automatically capture HD footage inside and outside your PCO car. Day or night, drive confidently knowing you’re protected.

Peace of Mind with London Riders’ Dashcam

At London Riders, we’ve got your back. Our 24/7 video capture ensures you’re protected against rider disputes and accidents. Plus, our TfL-approved dashcams become yours after just one year. Drive confidently, knowing your income is safeguarded!

Simplified Experience with London Riders’ Dashcam

At London Riders, we make it easy for you. Our experts handle the installation, and you get 7-day cloud storage. Plus, if there’s an incident, count on our full support to download the precise clips you need. Drive stress-free with London Riders!

Moving Forward with London Riders’ Dashcam

Moving Forward with London Riders’ Dashcam

Ready to enhance your driving experience? Here’s how to take the next step:

Request a Callback: Reach out to us, and we’ll get in touch promptly. Let’s discuss how our dashcam scheme can benefit you.

Book an Installation: Visit our Shepherd’s Bush hub to book your installation. A £25 installation fee is payable in advance to secure your booking.

Remember, you don’t need to lease a vehicle from Otto Car to join our scheme. We’re committed to your safety and peace of mind. However, please note that Tesla vehicles are currently ineligible for the scheme. Rest assured, we’re actively working on a solution.


Discover the workings of London Riders’ Dashcam Scheme Uncover the specifics

  • An initial installation fee of just £25
  • A minimal weekly cost of £5.99
  • Full ownership of the dashcam transferred to the driver after 1 year
  • No minimum term or cancellation fees
  • Dedicated support service available from 020 3900 1078 (Mon–Fri)

Explore the impressive
specifications of our dashcams

  • Ultra wide-angle 160º lenses designed to capture the entire road
  • Dual-facing HD cameras (front 1080p : driver 720p)
  • 7-day cloud storage with additional emergency local backup
  • A panic button feature to bookmark clips and enable automatic upload
  • A TfL-approved camera and installation service

Credit is subject to status. Finance is available to those over 18, provided by London Riders Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Terms and conditions apply.

Example Credit: Dashcam priced at £280. Loan Period: 12 months. Representative APR 22%

12 monthly payments: £25.95. Cost of Credit £31.40 Total Amount Payable £311.40

Explore our latest 2024 PCO Dashcam Guide

The team at London Riders has compiled a comprehensive guide for the private hire industry, detailing all you need to understand about dashcams.

  • Regulations pertaining to the use of dashcams in the private hire industry.
  • Advantages of safeguarding yourself, your PCO vehicle, and your passengers.
  • How to access the recorded footage.
  • Assessing the quality of the dashcam.
  • Steps for installation.
  • Reasons to choose London Riders’ Dashcam scheme.
  • Troubleshooting: What to do if you encounter a problem.

This guide is designed to provide you with all the necessary information about dashcams, ensuring you’re well-equipped and informed. London Riders is committed to supporting our drivers every step of the way.

Will I own the camera?

Yes, you’ll own the camera after 52 payments of £5.99

Do I have to be renting already with London Riders to be eligible for this scheme?

No, this is available to PCO drivers in Greater London.

What if I’m currently with London Riders?

Then your PCO car already has the Dashcam installed and you won’t require this scheme.

What Other Benefits Can You Enjoy ?

As a London rider, we understand that you need a reliable and hassle free car to make your daily commute. That's why we offer more than just a car. Our Rent 2 Buy scheme comes with a range of benefits to ensure your peace of mind.

With London Rider's, you'll get the first year's breakdown cover and road tax included in your weekly rental fees. We also install CCTV cameras in our PCO cars for added security and peace of mind.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we also offer a 4-week payment holiday break each year. You can find out more about this and other useful information in our "other info" section on our website. At London Rider's, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Do I need to pay an upfront installation fee to secure an appointment?

Yes, a £25 upfront installation fee is needed. When you make a booking, you’ll be asked to add your card details. This fee is non-refundable.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring proof that you own the vehicle (or permission from owner), driving licence, insurance certificate, proof of address within the last 3 months, PCO licence & badge, your bank details and the vehicle itself for installation. There is an upfront £25 installation fee.

How long will the whole process take when I come for my appointment?

Between 30 - 60 minutes depending on the make and model of the PCO car.

What is the minimum contract term? Cancel with just 30 days notice

Will the Dashcam interfere with the electrics in my PCO car?

No, the system is fitted via the fuse box and separately fused to prevent any electric faults to the PCO car.

How can I report an incident to London Riders?

Please send an email to info@thamescarhire.co.uk with your full name, registration, and time and date of the incident.

How long will the footage last?

Approximately 7 days. This depends on a variety of factors including driver usage.

Which day are the weekly Dashcam scheme payments due?

Every Wednessday.

Can I see the Dashcam footage?

We store the footage for you. You can request to view and/or download footage up to 5 times free of charge per 12 month period. Over this, you’ll be charged £25 per Dashcam footage request.

Do I have to pay for a Dashcam strip out and refit?

No, you’ll be eligible for up to 1 vehicle change per year. After this, it’ll be £50.

Is there a rear-facing dashcam?

Unfortunately, we do not fit a rear-facing Dashcam. Our experience in the industry has shown that this view is not vital to supporting PCO drivers when involved in an incident.

How will I know that the Dashcam is working?

London Riders will continue to monitor the health of all Dashcams and notify PCO drivers of any change in circumstances. Once notified, it is your responsibility to arrange an appointment to rectify any issue.

What if I’m renting my vehicle from another PCO car rental company?

You’ll need permission first, otherwise we won’t be able to install the dashcam in your PCO car.

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